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We buy all cars and vans regardless of condition. Scrap, non runners, unwanted , needing work. Anything considered. Cash same day payout and collection available. Please call or txt (780) 705-6030

Top Reasons To Sell Your Car To Junk Car Edmonton

  1. We are insured and licensed to safely dispose of your vehicle.
  2. We Pay Top Dollar For Scrap Cars in Edmonton
  3. We pay out CASH MONEY INSTANTLY for scrap cars every day in Edmonton and surrounding areas.
  4. We are FAST! Call us now to learn just how fast we’ll come get your car.
  5. Complimentary Towing. Yes, you red that correctly, we’ll come pick up your vehicle for free and pay you CASH!
  6. We have the equipment to remove cars and trucks from any situation. (Stuck in a ditch, car doesn’t have wheels, no paper or titles, no plates, in an accident, seized, not complete, missing parts, stuck in a field, underground parking garages, we do it all!)
  7. Professional towing technicians with emergency certifications and knowledge of safe practices to prevent any injury or accidents during the transportation or extraction of your vehicle.
  8. Well maintained trucks for towing. We’re no strangers to blizzards and hail storms. You might be surprised to hear we’ll come pick up your vehicle in any weather conditions!
  9. Friendly informative staff that is a pleasure to work with.

About Us

We often get calls from people that have vehicles sitting around after upgrading a new or better car. Most cars are only lasting about 8 years. So there is a higher demand for removing and recycling of vehicles. We’ve been doing this for a long time and have established the best customer service and process for safe and fast exchanges of cash for your trash vehicles.

Our CEO and Owner of Cash For Damaged Car is a family man and entrepreneur that has been running this business for over eight years. Our team of 5 employees works closely together to provide the best service possible. We aim to make all purchases and sales of vehicles as smooth as possible.

Why is it important to recycle old cars?

Not all scrap car buyers will responsibly dispose of your vehicle. We take pride in providing an environmentally friendly method. As technology improves we will explore further research into the best methods of recycling mass amounts of cars each month. It makes a big difference who you choose when your car reaches the end of it life cycle. We make sure that each vehicle reaches the optimal stripping down process for raw material re-use. A vehicle is made up of many different components, and we safely extract anything that would spill into the atmosphere and into our great Canadian soil.

Where Is Your Car Pickup Area?


We pickup anywhere in the Edmonton Region and can travel further within reason. Curious to know if we pickup in your area? Just give us a call and we’ll provide pricing for long distance pickup. 

At what point should I consider scrapping my car?


It may be a difficult decision to give up your precious ride. Sometime the sentimental value is just not worth the headache. As a rule of thumb, if your maintenance of cost of repairs is actually more then the sale value of your car you should consider scrapping it and moving on to your next vehicle. Odds are a quick fix will only extend your vehicle a short amount of time and if you aren’t a mechanic you will be looking at another mechanic bill in the near future. Know when to cut your losses and call us to get rid of it today.

What is the most convenient way to arrange old car disposal.

The fastest way to contact our customer service line is by calling. If we are busy with other customers we will make sure to call you right back. Also, you can consider sending us a request via the form on our website. Simply fill out the form with required details and we’ll get back to you as soon as it comes through with a quote.

How Does The Scrap Car Sale Process Work?


Request a quote.


Call or fill out the form on our site. Our team will receive your request and get back to you as soon as possible.


Receive Quote.


Some vehicle are worth more then others. We’ll make you a firm offer for your old unwanted and still working used vehicles. We are able to buy fairly new cars as well if the price is right. If the quote works for both parties we can proceed to the pick up or drop off process.

Drop-off/Pick-Up Exchange


Once our offer is accepted we’ll arrange to either come out and pickup the junk car, truck or automobile – or have you arrange an appointment to bring it to one of our locations in Edmonton.


Say goodbye to your scrap and say hello to your CASH!


It’s time to reward yourself! You just helped responsible dispose one of 100,000 monthly scrap vehicles that need to be recycled each month in Ontario! Give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy your cash!

You can read more about how it all works here 

Does my vehicle need to be 100% in tact?


We do buy partial vehicles. However, this will reflected in the quote that be provide. Obviously full vehicles will be of more value and will be rewarded with a higher cash quote. With that being said, we’ll pickup a pile of auto parts if there’s enough there as well.

Do You Pick Up Scrap cars For Free?


We include FREE pick-up in our initial quote. If your vehicle is derivable, you may stand to earn even more cash by dropping off the vehicle at our scrap car yard center in Edmonton. Just arrange an appointment a show up on schedule to receive a higher cash price!

Want To Donate Your Car?

We’d love to help you donate your car to the charity of your choice. At the end of the day, all charities could use money to further their cause. We’ll pay you cash for your scrap vehicle and you choose the charity that you feel would be best suited for the donation. We love karma too and encourage you to choose your favorite charity while also safely disposing of your vehicle.

When Can I have my vehicle scrapped?


We answer our phone line nearly 24/7 and arrange appointments to either pick up or have you drop off your vehicle. It doesn’t take very long for the whole process to be complete. In some cases we’ve received a phone call, picked up a vehicle and paid cash in less than 30 minutes. Other times we’ve arranged for a pickup after a customer returned from vacation. Our aim is to make our service as hassle free as possible. If you’re looking for a simple car removal and scrapping service please call our phone number and we’ll get your appointment setup and completed at your earliest convenience.


How Do I Get Paid?


Extend one hand, a wallet, a bucket, a hockey skate…anything you want and we’ll filler up with COLD HARD CASH! Certified Canadian currency exchanged in person just like the old days!

Will you pay more for multiple cars?


Yes, we love buying bulk amounts of vehicles. If you have more then one sitting around we’d like to place an offer to buy the whole lot from you for a better rate then what we buy single cars for. Have a friend that needs to scrap a car? Awesome, bring them both at the same time and we’ll pay top dollar for both!


How much will I get paid for my scrap car?


Prices for scrapping and recycling vehicles depends on national raw material demands. The higher demand, the higher price we can pay for your old unwanted junk cars. Each month we adjust our price to sustain our business and to remain the highest paying scrap car business in Edmonton. We buy loads of vehicles everyday and are able to offer a high price because we do such a high volume of calls.

What if I have more questions?


No worries, just contact us directly and we’ll be happy to address any other questions you have. We’re a friendly bunch and want to fill up our website with as much information for potential car sellers as possible. If you have a question it’s likely 10 more people have wondered the same thing. Let us know your concern and we’ll be sure to add it to the site for future visitors to browse.

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Why Choose Cash For Damaged Car?

Selling your car to Cash For Damaged Car is Safe and Easy!

Can you still drive your vehicle? If your car is wrecked, we can give you an offer. We pay cash for damaged vehicles and gently used cars. We understand the guidelines and requirements for Alberta.  Whether your car or truck can still move independently often determines how it is classified at sale.

So I can really sell my car to Cash For Damaged Car in any condition?

That’s right, you sure can! We want to buy your vehicle even if your car is junk, old, used, wrecked, salvaged, damaged, or scrap. Our friendly staff is ready to give you an offer for your vehicle. We not only buy cars for cash, we can also pay in the way that’s most convenient for you. Our services also include most forms of electronic payment and transfers so you can see the money in your account right away.

Can I sell my car with missing parts?

We want to buy your car!

Your car could possibly classify as a junk car if it has missing parts. We definitely offer cash for junk and wrecked automobiles and our professionals will help you get an offer quick and easy. You might still drive your car if it is wrecked; however, required repairs might make you decide not to bother fixing it.  Emissions and safety inspections are not always passable by older automobiles. Whether your car is in excellent or bad condition, contact us. We will help you determine your car’s sale able category.