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We Buy Wrecked Cars

We buy all types of automobiles, but specialize in broken cars that have seen better days. Cash For Damaged Car can give you a quote on your broken car and we will even come and pick it up with a tow truck. We take any year, make, model, or condition.

One of the best things about Cash For Damaged Car is that we are really flexible and easy to work with. You can communicate with us via text message (SMS), email, or phone. You can rest assured that when you work with our professional car buying company, we work diligently to make your experience awesome with the best effort we can put forth.

Why We Buy Wrecked Cars And What Do We Do WIth Them?

When our car becomes 6-7 years old, we often look out to change it as the efficiency of the car lowers down and the average also drops. This is the best time to sell you old wrecked car. But do you really get a good price selling your used car? The answer to your question is us. Even if your car is damaged or broken, we purchase them and pay you the money on the spot. Many a times the situation occurs when your old car gets some major flaws while running on the road and it stops running in the middle of the road. You do not have to worry in such scenarios also because we take full responsibility of towing the car to our station and that too free of cost. If you are looking to sell a wrecked car near Edmonton, get in touch with us and get the most genuine price for your damaged car. You won’t regret the deal you get with us for your used up or damaged car.

Safe and Easy: – selling your used vehicle at Cash for damaged car is safe and easy way to make money.

Any Condition: – No matter what will be the condition of your vehicle, Cash For Damaged Car is ready to pay for it.

Easy Process: – Selling used cars and making money is easy process with Cash For Damaged Car. So don’t waste time, earn money from damaged vehicle.

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Mission & Values

We strive to operate our car buying business with integrity and value. We are a company that you can trust to help you get rid of your broken, damaged, or used car without a bunch of stress and headaches. We always pay for your car on the spot and we provide free towing if your car does not currently run. Cars with missing wheels, or other major flaws are ok with us! Cash money is also given for recent model vehicles as well as clunkers.

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Why Choose Cash For Damaged Car?

Selling your car to Cash For Damaged Car is Safe and Easy!

Can you still drive your vehicle? If your car is wrecked, we can give you an offer. We pay cash for damaged vehicles and gently used cars. We understand the guidelines and requirements for Alberta.  Whether your car or truck can still move independently often determines how it is classified at sale.

So I can really sell my car to Cash For Damaged Car in any condition?

That’s right, you sure can! We want to buy your vehicle even if your car is junk, old, used, wrecked, salvaged, damaged, or scrap. Our friendly staff is ready to give you an offer for your vehicle. We not only buy cars for cash, we can also pay in the way that’s most convenient for you. Our services also include most forms of electronic payment and transfers so you can see the money in your account right away.

Can I sell my car with missing parts?

We want to buy your car!

Your car could possibly classify as a junk car if it has missing parts. We definitely offer cash for junk and wrecked automobiles and our professionals will help you get an offer quick and easy. You might still drive your car if it is wrecked; however, required repairs might make you decide not to bother fixing it.  Emissions and safety inspections are not always passable by older automobiles. Whether your car is in excellent or bad condition, contact us. We will help you determine your car’s sale able category.